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Digital Confocal Microscopy Suite (DCMS) is now available for free!

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Our new sperm sorting device (patent pending) is now licensed!

New paper provides a novel approach for monitoring neutropenia for cancer patients.

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New paper in Nature Communications uncovers the role of optimal stiffness for cell migration.

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During B-term of 2015, Prof. Tüzel is teaching the following courses:

  • Intermediate Mechanics II, PH 2202.
  • Biophysics Journal Club, PH 597J.

All course content will be available at
myWPI. In the past, Prof. Tüzel taught the following courses at WPI:


  • Modern Physics, Instructor (PH 1130).
  • Intermediate Mechanics II, Instructor (PH 2202)
  • General Physics-Mechanics, Conference Instructor (PH 1110).
  • General Physics-Electricity and Magnetism, Conference Instructor (PH 1120).
  • Oscillations and Waves, Conference Instructor (PH 1140).
  • Introduction to Biological Physics, Instructor, Independent Study Project (IS/P).
  • Computational Biophysics, Instructor, Independent Study Project (IS/P).
  • Advanced Topics in Computational Biophysics, Instructor, Independent Study Project (IS/P).


  • Fundamentals of Biological Physics (PH597B).
  • Current Topics in Physics (PH 597C).
  • Biophysics Journal Club (PH 597J).

For a list of the courses taught before joining WPI, please refer to Prof. Tüzel’s brief CV.