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Digital Confocal Microscopy Suite (DCMS) is now available for free!

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Our new sperm sorting device (patent pending) is now licensed!

New paper provides a novel approach for monitoring neutropenia for cancer patients.

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New paper in Nature Communications uncovers the role of optimal stiffness for cell migration.

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Digital Confocal Microscopy Suite (DCMS)
DCMS is a 3D Confocal Microscope simulator, with the goal of performing several types of virtual experiments on diffusive fluorescent markers in arbitrary cell geometries. This software contains a comprehensive list of relevant scanning confocal parameters that allow the user to generate xyt image stacks of FRAP experiments along with fluorescence recovery curves. It allows the user to explore how cell shape, confocal imaging, and confocal photobleaching all can influence fluorescence recovery curves for diffusing particles.

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