Tüzel Group


Digital Confocal Microscopy Suite (DCMS) is now available for free!

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Our new sperm sorting device (patent pending) is now licensed!

New paper provides a novel approach for monitoring neutropenia for cancer patients.

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New paper in Nature Communications uncovers the role of optimal stiffness for cell migration.

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PrincipaI Investigator:

Dr. Erkan Tüzel

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Research Group:

Pattipong Wisan.

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James Kingsley

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Steven Vandal

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Wiphu Youyen

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Iman Mousavi

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Our group office is located at OH 301.


Dr. William Hancock
Penn State University

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Dr. Utkan Demirci
Harvard Medical School

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Dr. Luis Vidali

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Dr. Jennifer Ross

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Dr. Magdalena Bezanilla

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Dr. Kristen Verhey
Univ. of Michigan

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Dr. Michael Ostap
Univ. of Pennsylvania

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Dr. Benjamin Stottrup
Augsburg College

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