Tüzel Group


New paper in Biophysical Journal uncovers novel family-dependent motor characteristics of slow and fast kinesins.

To read the paper click here. A video from this paper has been featured on the journal website and email alerts.

Michele Lee Mensing receives Provost's Major Qualifying Project Award, Received American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Poster Award (1st place), Sigma Xi Poster Award, and Robert H. Goddard Award. Congratulations Michele !

Our paper on selection of functional human sperm is accepted for publication in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

To read the paper click here.

Tüzel is mentinoed in "Members in the Media" section of APS News December 2013 issue.

For the issue click here.

WPI Research magazine features our collaboration with the Vidali Lab.

To read the magazine click here (pages 30-35).