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Digital Confocal Microscopy Suite (DCMS) is now available for free!

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Our new sperm sorting device (patent pending) is now licensed!

New paper provides a novel approach for monitoring neutropenia for cancer patients.

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New paper in Nature Communications uncovers the role of optimal stiffness for cell migration.

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Tüzel Lab recently moved to Temple University, and a new website is under development. Here, you can find information on our earlier work.
Stay tuned for new updates soon!

Our group focuses on cellular biomechanics and transport, which has implications in a number of areas including bio-sensing, cancer and infertility. We combine microfluidics and high-resolution microscopy with machine-learning and mesoscale simulation approaches, to make significant impact on our understanding of human health, and to bioengineer novel devices for early detection and therapeutics. To learn more, please visit our
research page. Tutorials and other documentation for group members are posted on the group wiki site.