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Our review on myosin motors, co-authored with the Ostap (UPenn) and Greenberg (Wash U.) Labs appeared in the Biophysical Journal.

To read the paper click here. A video from this paper has been featured on the journal website and email alerts.

Goker Arpag successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis, congratulations Dr. Arpag !!!

Goker will be joining the Zanic Lab at Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine.

Goker Arpag's paper on force generation by Myosin-I motors accepted in Scientific Reports! Congratulations Goker !

Goker Arpag wins the 2nd place in Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE). Congratulations Goker !

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Our group focuses on understanding fundamental cellular mechanisms and transport in biological systems. We use theoretical and computational tools to provide insight into open problems in these interdisciplinary areas, particularly focusing on topics where there is significant medical and/or industrial impact. To learn more, please visit our
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